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36670Re: nocino time

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  • miciofelice2003
    Aug 5, 2006
      Dear Bob,
      I understand. When a wife is standing behind you, looking over your
      shoulder, it's imperative to do everything to keep the family peace.

      Nocino doesn't come from "nuocere" (italian verb to mean something
      like to damage) but come from "noce", that is the italian word to
      define the walnut. The "ino" mean little, nice but referred to what
      you get from "noce".

      There is a particular grapes named "uva fragola" (strawberry grape)
      because smell and taste like strawberry. "Fragola" mean "strawberry".

      The wine that they get from those grapes is named "fragolino".

      My wife is Hungarian, and we have a lot of fun reading some recipes,
      not for what he write, but for "how" he write, in such a very
      official, old italian, ...

      Anyway, thanks for the blurb you posted: explained something I
      didn't know.

      Ciao a tutti

      micio felice
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