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36280RE: [Distillers] Churn Seal

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  • donald holcombe
    Jul 1 3:43 PM
      If there is a lip at the joint use some clips or clamps . Ive seen some pictures, they should be in the archive somewhere.

      Anthony Athawes <Anthony.Athawes@...> wrote: Thank you for this - it's a brilliant idea. I don't have any Aquarium
      Sealant, but I want to make sure the Still is firmly fixed to the Thank as
      the whole caboodle is top heavy, and knocking it over is a risk.

      I mentioned the gas ring a while ago. Part of the reason was that I was
      given a very simple Pot Still. Unfortunately this couldn't function on the
      electric stove due to its build (overhang), hence I went for the WCS. But I
      want to try it out sometime hence the gas ring. It appears you can get
      better transfer of flavours, whereas the WCS is said to produce basic Vodka
      purity. I'm gradually learning!

      Meanwhile, I'm looking for an opportunity to get a low capacity electric
      element. Sylvia says one wouldn't get one at Argus...

      Thank you for the email address of the Forum. It didn't work on the first
      try, but is now OK.

      It'll be interesting to see any other ideas that turn up for the WCS.


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      Hi Tony,
      I sealed the top of my churn with the Aquarium Silicon sealant
      (if it's safe enough for the wee fish's, its safe enough for me) I
      proceeded like this.

      Take the churn lid off and clean the top rim/lid contact area
      of the churn squeaky clean with a strong vinegar and water mix and
      dry thoroughly.
      Go to the churn lid and clean like before and apply Vasolene
      (for our none English speaking members this is a clear neutral baby
      cream) anyway apply this liberally all around the churn rim/lid
      contact area.
      Now go back to the churn and apply the Aquarium Silicon sealant
      liberally all around the rim/lid contact area. Place the lid firmly
      back on, to its finished working position.
      To make sure it goes back on the exact same position. Mark an
      arrow on the lid and do the same on the opposite place on the
      churn/boiler with a black permanent marker pen. This will ensure an
      exact and good seal during your run. Leave until silicon has cured
      (the time it says on the Silicon sealant packet). Now with a firm
      pull and twist they should separate cleanly. Now thoroughly clean
      the Vasolene from the lid
      The weight of your still on top of the churn/boiler, will, and
      does make a good seal during your run.
      The extremely low pressure of steam coming off your churn/boiler
      will take the path of least resistance and go on up through the
      column and out. That and the weight of your "Reflux Still/ World
      Class Still" should be sufficient to make the seal good (well it
      does on mine)


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