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36279Re: [Distillers] Sealing the Churn

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  • donald holcombe
    Jul 1, 2006
      The alcohal may leach sulfur from the rubber hose. If you go the hose route use a food grade hose or surgical tubing.

      Andrew Bugal <bwyze44@...> wrote: Anthony,

      What is your objective here?

      Is it to keep the steam from escaping before it gets to the column? Is the lid a loose fit currently?

      You would probably do more damage by drilling holes in the churn.

      The idea of a cut garden or rubber hose sounds good. Cut it lengthwise and put it around the top of the churn. Pressing the lid down firmly should stop steam from escaping and allow you to take the lid off easily.

      The idea of a cork gasket is sound with beer kegs or churns in reasonably good shape. I have a cork gasket but also use a rubber strip around the cut-out in the beer keg (my boiler) to stop steam escaping.

      Best regards,


      anthonyathawes <anthony.athawes@...> wrote:
      I'm near to completing a "World Class Still" and wait only the arrival
      of the copper mesh for the re-flux version. (Why it's called the WCS I
      don't know, it seems rather immodest, but then, we must wait and see!).

      My question is how to seal down the lid on the 5 gal. S/S British milk
      churn. I've considered soldering tabs onto its side and bolting down.
      Another method may be simply to drill down through the lid perifery
      and use either self tappers or small bolts. It may not be practicable
      to use a cork gasket. It might be possible to to split a length of
      garden hose and fit it round the edge with the bolts going through it?
      After all, there's not much, if any, pressure.

      I'm asking advice on this as not I'm not really happy with the
      prospects of either method. (Observing the forum - if I can understand
      the spelling and grammar - it seems members ask questions when a
      couple of comparative experiments would decide the issue..... Does
      that seem just a bit critical?!


      PS. Having mentioned spelling, I thought I'd better run a spell check
      myself. It doen't come up under "Tools".......this may explain a lot!

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