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  • Anthony Athawes
    Jun 30, 2006
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      I got a bottle of country-made Calvados in France last month for 7 Euros. I
      haven't had the timidity to try it yet since I would like to have seen the
      Frenchman demonstrate his trust - but I never met him. Tonight, as the cork
      had raised itself 1/4" above the neck, I thought I thought I'd give it the
      flame test in a teaspoon. It seemed to take a little time to get going but
      really there was a flame and it burned almost invisibly. There was a
      slightly pink tinge at the top, and the flame seemed gradually to extinguish
      itself. Yes, I did take a sip! It seemed much above 40%ABV. I'd appreciate
      any of the members views as I still remain cautious - even to the extent of
      redistilling it when I get my plant working.


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      I get red flames till the Methanol is gone. I know theres no lead in my

      Harry <gnikomson2000@...> wrote: --- In
      Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Ackland" <Tony.Ackland@...>
      > An off-line email has sparked the following question - do many of
      > try burning your spirits & checking the flame colour ? Does a
      > in colour indicate anything, or does it just happen randomly.
      > I am aware of different additives that can be used to force this,
      > http://fireworkers.tribe.net/thread/4681552f-279d-4e8b-ad69-
      > but what if nothing has been added ?
      > Tony

      Hi Tony,
      Flame testing was used in the old days to determine moonshine
      purity. This from Wikipedia...

      "A common quality test for moonshine was to pour a small quantity of
      it into a metal spoon and set it alight. Safe distillate burns with
      a blue flame, but tainted distillate burns with a yellow flame. If a
      radiator coil had been used as a condenser there would be lead in
      the alcohol, which would give a reddish flame. This led to the
      phrase: "Lead burns red and makes you dead." Of course, these tests
      should not be solely relied upon to test the purity of moonshine or
      any distilled alcohol."

      regards Harry

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