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3604Re: [Distillers] help with stillspirits super reflux still

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  • jumpin jack
    Nov 7 12:11 AM
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      These questions relate to the apparently New "Stillspirits Super Reflux

      Question 1, I was wondering if the operating procedure for the Super reflux
      condensor is the same a for a standard reflux condensor

      Question 2, The reflux condensor was supplied with ceramic saddles i was
      wonder how high i fill the column, if i use all they supplied there is
      little room for the thermometer bulb (if it doesn't matter if the bulb
      touches the saddles then there's no problem)

      Thanks for your help

      P.S. If Stillspirits ever do me the courtesy of a reply I post what that say
      about this new unit as there is no mention on their web pages

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