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35897RE: [Distillers] Re: Scrubbers

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  • Robert Hubble
    Jun 2, 2006
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      Hey Mark,

      NO laughing at your expense! We are ALL, to one extent or another, trying to
      wrap our heads around a mass of interacting information (see Harry's
      previous post). And I couldn't agree more that the internet and Tony's site
      AND this list have improved my knowledge AND my stillin' by 3 orders of
      magnitude, at least... and I'm STILL just a potstiller.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

      >From: "Mark" <markgofast@...>
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      >To: Distillers@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [Distillers] Re: Scrubbers
      >Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 02:55:27 -0000
      >--- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Hubble" <zymurgybob@...>
      > >
      > I run my potstill output through an
      > > alcoholometer, and I commonly start spirit run at 78%. > Zymurgy
      >Bob, a simple potstiller
      >I checked my old notebooks and found the records. It was an 8%abv
      >wash, 50% DME/Corn Sugar, Red Star yeast (don't know if it was lager
      >or ale yeast, but I think ale yeast). 10 gallon wash. 15 gallon
      >electric water heater still that directly fed a tube in a tube
      >condensor. The product abv's were mid 40's. I collected the middle
      >3rd (about 3 gallons) to redistill in the pot still.
      >Oh poop. 18 years later as I write this, I see what I did.
      >electric element must be covered, so I added about 12 gallons
      >of "soft" water to the 3 gal collected to bring the wash up to 15
      >gallons total volume - to fill up the water heater. 3 gal of 45%
      >with 12 gal of 0% is about 9%abv. So the next run had darn near the
      >same starting abv as the first wash. Explains why the next run's
      >distillate abv was about the same, huh? (yea, I "huh'd" myself). A
      >one plate pot still running batches of about the same starting wash,
      >over and over again.
      >alright - ya'all have a good laugh at my expense. but remember this
      >was the days before the internet and Tony's website.

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