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  • Harry
    Jun 1, 2006
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" <markgofast@...> wrote:
      > Oh poop. 18 years later as I write this, I see what I did.
      > electric element must be covered, so I added about 12 gallons
      > of "soft" water to the 3 gal collected to bring the wash up to 15
      > gallons total volume - to fill up the water heater. 3 gal of 45%
      > with 12 gal of 0% is about 9%abv. So the next run had darn near
      > same starting abv as the first wash. Explains why the next run's
      > distillate abv was about the same, huh? (yea, I "huh'd" myself).
      > one plate pot still running batches of about the same starting
      > over and over again.
      > alright - ya'all have a good laugh at my expense. but remember
      > was the days before the internet and Tony's website.

      We won't laugh. On the contrary, it's a classic example of the
      usefulness of keeping notes. :-)

      regards Harry
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