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35413Re: [Distillers] Re: Using activated carbon Plus

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  • Andrew Bugal
    May 2 4:43 AM
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      I cut my strip collection to 30% ABV and then add the bicarb. I use the carboy (the container the wash was prepared in), cleaned out, as it is easier to handle the volume. In other words, measure and pour your strips into the carboy, work out your volume of plain water needed to cut it to 30% ABV and add the bicarb per litre to what is in the carboy. Stir in well and then take off into the vessels you will use to store it until you are ready to do a final run.

      In a strip run, you may collect up to 9 to 10 litres from a 25 litre wash. Collect everything brutually - heads and tails up to approximately 95 degrees C.

      You may have to do 2 stripping runs to get enough volume to make it worthwhile or if you like - approximately 20 litres (plus) of stripped liquid.

      The joy here is that with the other crap of the wash removed, you get better action and better results on your collection. That is, 6 or possibly 7 litres of 94% ABV from the run. When cut, that makes a hell of a lot of drinkable spirit.

      Just watch your temperature - not having the other crap in the wash when you are doing your final run, the wash gets and holds the temperature. If you have a good equilibrium going with your refluxing after about one to one and a half hours after the thermometer hits the 76 degrees C mark, back off the heat a bit and open your collection valve to collect a drip per second. Collect 600 ml's in individual bottles to segregrate the heads and tails from the hearts.

      Most home-made stills can have temperature variations from published tables of alcohol separation under heat by up to 3 degrees or more. Mine is 3 degrees out which is why I start at 79 degrees and collect up to 85 degrees C. If I get tails, they are in the final bottle.

      Oh by the way......don't use the first 250 ml's. Put it in a bottle marked :next run" and save it for the next serious distillation. Just throw it in when you start. Nothing gets wasted.

      You will have some sweet tasting and high alcohol spirit

      Ian Kent <kegscruiser@...> wrote:
      G'day Andrew,

      When you say a tablespoon of bicarb per litre is that calculated on water +
      strips or just strips?



      On 4/27/06, Andrew Bugal wrote:
      > For what it is worth, when I do my stripping runs, I pour all my strips
      > into my empty wash container, then dilute to 30% ABV, add a tablespoon of
      > baking soda per litre and stir well.
      > Then, I add 8 tablespoons of activated carbon to several 2 litre jugs and
      > pour my cut strips into them. Every now and then, before the final distill,
      > give the jugs a shake.
      > Works well for me.
      > Regards,
      > Bwyze

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