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  • Andrew Bugal
    Apr 1, 2006
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      To whoever is interested.

      To prepare my wash, I use 9 kilos of sugar, 22 litres of water and a pack of Alcotec 48 hour turbo yeast as it is not too worried about temperature variations. I put down a new wash Friday at 2:30 pm and by 6 pm, it was working. Initial temp was 30 C.

      I use a beer keg as my boiler and a gas bottle (BBQ bottle) connected to a single outdoor stove burner as my fuel source. My still is a valved reflux model built from plans from the Internet. I use marbles in the boiler when doing a run, do a strip from several washes before I do my final run and put Bi-carb in my strip collections before the final run. I use a holding tank of 90 litres for my cooling water and I have 8 to 10 bottles of frozen water on hand to keep my condensor water cool.

      My output varies from 92% to 94% ABV (depending on the outdoor ambient temperature) on each run.

      I may not produce the most rapid output but then again, I am not in a hurry. I would rather control what I am doing over a few hours so I know the quality is there.

      I guess what I am saying here is that this is a hobby with digestible results and someday, I may be a craftsman via blending grains, etc. But for now, the simple approach without worrying about elements of technology I would not rather get into serves me well.

      What is our objective here?



      It is simple, efficient

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