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34574Re: A good week stillin' and bottlin'

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  • art
    Mar 2, 2006
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      Greetings, I had to delurk for this one.
      Every year for the past three Years, I have made Limoncello.
      Unfortunately it turned in to one of the most popular Christmas
      gifts from the kitchen (number two only to my wife's "cappuccino
      fudge"). Last year I made a half gallon batch, bottled it in 3/8
      Liter fancy bottles with fancy labels and wax sealed tops (layered
      green and red wax). Long story short, I had to make a second batch
      to replace the bottles my wife *procured* for her co-workers.

      Yes, a shot of Limoncello in tonic water, or club soda is great (try
      a shot of it un-diluted (95%) and unsweetened in seven-up or some

      Has anyone used Vanilla? I started macerating 1 bean (scrapped) in
      one bottle of 80 proof, add a 1/4 of white sugar, and enjoy. I am
      thinking about other spices, herbs and fruits for summer drinks,
      mint, strawberries, apples, cinnamon.

      > A couple of days ago, my wife came home from shopping at Costco,
      > ubiquitous warehouse-discount store, with a big bag of lemons so
      > that I could smell them coming through the door, and my thoughts,
      > always linked to the olfactory stuff, turned to the recent
      discussion in
      > this forum on limoncello. Long story short, there are now 2 liters
      of lemon
      > peel macerating in 50%abv on my drainboard. With the powerful
      > scent on my hands, I thought, "How much lemon liqueur can we drink
      in a
      > year?" I had a thought - has anyone ever tried limoncello with
      tonic water?
      > It sounds like a great summer drink, especially if that lemon
      aroma stays
      > intense.
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller
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