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34212Re: Cooling Portion Question

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  • ruggershiner
    Feb 3, 2006

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, that's what makes this site

      My comments were not well thought out, due to the fact that hobbyists
      are not as careful as those of us who do this for a living. Yes,
      I've actually worked for a large commercial distiller since 1980
      (maybe that makes me a newbie, but I doubt it) and I have yet to blow
      anyone up :>) Anyway, my comments were directed to Harry as an
      observation, because in theory, that is how we balance the columns at
      start up. But, there is a lot involved and I should not have made an
      off handed remark that someone could use to potentially hurt
      themselves. Sorry.

      I will send in some pictures and a brief description of the set-
      up/theory of my home operation when I get some time. It is quite
      interesting as it combines vapor management, reflux valve, offset
      head, parrot head, etc. into an "all in one" system. The problem is
      that it's not practical. It stands 14' (4.267m) high, is made from 2"
      & 3" (5.08 & 7.62cm) copper & brass, has three 2" valves (plus one
      needle valve), two coil condenser heads, one jacketed core condenser
      and is cooled with two 1/4 horse power re-circulating pumps (I hate
      to see water wasted down the drain) The cost was ridiculous, but at
      least I can write it off as "research". With my set up, I can combine
      any number of techniques to analyze time/taste/quality with different
      products. I have got to get a life!

      I try not to respond to inquiries and comments due to the fact that
      my responses would be long, technical and really boring (read
      chemical engineer and son of a chemical engineer) so I will return to
      the background and enjoy. No response required, I just wanted to
      ramble. Thanks for the laughs.


      - In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Bugal <bwyze44@...> wrote:
      > One wonders which one of these idiots will get the Darwin Award
      (posthumously) if they proceed. In case you are not aware of what I
      mean here, look up Darwin Awards on the net. These awards are given
      to those who remove their genes from the reproductive pool in a
      dramatic way. In other words, the awards are only given to those
      that kill themselves.
      > What are we dealing with here? Temperatures in excess of 80
      degrees C, under pressure and alcohol fumes as well. As one web
      site said "like boiling gasoline on your stove".
      > It is really tempting disaster when one considers pressure, heat
      and forgetfulness to vent the system if they close off the condensor
      head just before they hear that loud bang (if they hear it and are
      not looking down at the still when it happens).
      > Makes one understand why there is a newby site.
      > Good luck,
      > Bwyze
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