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33756Re: So, how about a 1.5in column?

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  • ethanall
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Dean Thomas replied:
      > You can use a 1.5 inch column but to get the same results you will
      need a
      > longer column or you will have to run your still slower.

      Sorry to jump in here, but may I ask this (to all - not just
      Dean)...and it may be of help to the original question: Given the
      above, how much slower...and how much longer (in real, practical
      usage - say a 20 liter pot on a hotplate)?

      Or put the opposite way, what, in real usage terms, is the benefit
      gained by using a 2" column (shorter as was said)? This is important
      to know so as to determine if the chase for 2" (true reward) will be
      worth it.

      Is this all true?:
      1. 1.5 inch column at say 24" must maintain slow take-off rate to
      maintain high reflux ratio (at given cooling capability and power)
      because of vapor speed.
      2. 2" column at same height can enjoy faster take-off rate and can
      run at lower reflux ratio but requires more heat and resulting more
      cooling capacity.

      So if he finds a piece a 2", how long of a piece does he need...if
      it can be shorter? And how big does the coil need to be (inline)?
      And what would be optimum packing height?

      Going to homedistiller.org is good advice, but there are pictures of
      columns there up to 5 feet tall (lots of packing!!)! Contrast that
      with shorter (high purity) columns as short as the PDA-1 at 12" +
      coil height! How's a beginner supposed to know how long of a piece
      of copper to buy in either diameter, and how much packing height is

      Answers to these would be a great quick-start for 'starch'.
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