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33606Rectifying samogon

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  • waljaco
    Dec 23, 2005
      See also 'Russian Samogon Protocol' - msg 33590

      Samogon is pot distilled in the former USSR and thus the need to
      rectify the product is a concern. Here are some methods used which I
      noticed in a Ukrainian samohon discussion group -
      1) Double distillation
      2) Potassium permanganate (1-2g/l, stand for 12-24 hours, decant,
      3) Birch charcoal (50g/l, redistill)
      4) Milk (170ml/l, stand for 3-4 days, decant, redistill)
      5) Filtering through activated charcoal

      To improve the taste -
      1) Sugar addition (1tsp/l)
      2) Citric acid addition (pinch/l)
      3) Lemon peel addition
      4) Macerate 45g/l raisins and redistill