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3312Women Distillers

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  • waljaco@hotmail.com
    Oct 3, 2001
      I noticed from photos that it is the women who make beverages and
      spirits in Africa and the West Indies. The next time you put you pot
      in an outer pan containing water to give an even heat i.e. a double
      boiler or water bath, you are using something used by a school of
      Alexandrian alchemists in the late 3 B.C. Among these alchemists were
      Maria the Jewess and a certain Cleopatra. Maria invented many types
      of stills and reflux condensers. Balneum Mariae (Latin), Bagna Maria
      (Italian), Bain-marie (French) or Mary's Bath is named after her.
      Maria was interested in practical chemical processes and thus was
      close to today's chemical engineers.
      So today's women distillers have a great role model!

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