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31922Re: yeast smell

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  • Harry
    Sep 5, 2005
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rufus3h" <postino_no1@h...> wrote:
      > I have a problem with my distilate, after polishing with carbon i
      > still have a yeastie undertone. It is especially bad when i am drunk
      > and burping it up. Any sugestions? I use a sugar wash with some turbo
      > glod yeast and my distilate comes out at 90%.

      Let the wash settle and clear for a week longer, then decant off the
      lees & distill. This will reduce residual yeast to almost nothing,
      thereby reducing the amount of yeast you 'cook', which is where the
      yeastie undertone is coming from. Secondly, if you're only doing
      sugar wash, you really need to get that takeoff percentage a bit
      further up, like 94+%, otherwise you'll get funky flavours. Straight
      sugar is notorious for it. It's really meant for high purity vodka
      type spirits.

      regards Harry
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