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31476Re: Exploding elements

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  • Lindsay Williams
    Aug 12, 2005
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      Hi, Sven. Out of interest, what sort of element is used commercially?
      Is it incoloy or just nickel or tin plated?


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      > > Subject: [Distillers] Re: Exploding elements
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      > ...snipitty snip....
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      > > Please treat ALL electrical components near water with great
      > respect. Why
      > > else are power sockets banned in bathrooms around the world?
      > >
      > > All the best,
      > > Mike N
      > Power sockets are not banned in the US in bathrooms(we are still
      > uncivilized I reckon). However, the National Electric Code requires
      > GFI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms (possibly garages as well).
      > GFI is Ground Fault Interrupt. It is an electronic circuit breaker
      > which detects current flow in the ground conductor, and hence another
      > reason to ground all of your metalic items with electricity applied
      > to them.
      > I'm working on an ELectric Hot Liquor tank for my brewery and it has
      > the third ground wire attached to the SS tank, along with a GFI
      > outlet to power the internal heater.
      > Sven
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