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  • KEZ
    Sep 6 5:00 PM
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      Thanx Tony for a comprehensive reply as per usual its much appreciated.
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      Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 9:48 AM
      Subject: RE: [Distillers] metho

      From msg #2106 Brad suggested "benzene, pyridine and other nasties". I've
      got some listed in a book at home - I'll reply this evening with them.  

      I'm sure Brian can also enlighten us as to exactly what they are -
      commercial distilleries sometimes sell their foreshots as metho after
      denaturing them with the pyridine and wood naptha group[s]; two of the most
      obnoxious, toxic/poisonous compounds in that family. The whole point of
      denaturing it is to add chemicals that can't be easily removed, then it can
      be sold without excise tax.

      The additives chosen have vaporisation properties almost identical to
      ethanol so can't be separated by distillation and/or chemical methods. The
      Australian/New Zealand Food Authority Act has chosen pyridine & wood naptha
      because they BOND in an ethanol/water solution most delightfully to the
      point that to separate this evil concoction you would need rising/falling
      film distillation equipment which worked under vacuum as well and then the
      result after one pass may only be marginal. This cost for this sort of
      equipment starts around 6 figures


      Pass. It might work, but i would ask Tony about what they puit in it.

      Thats very funny. I used to see the drunks in Brisbane 20 years ago drinking
      metho and then I heard that they added something to stop this happening. OK,
      so what if you put the metho in the still and re-distilled it?

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