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31102Re: [Distillers] yeast

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  • Louis Lenz
    Jul 26, 2005
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      Thanks for info on the yeast, I`ll give it a try. Lou

      "Alex _{*L*}_ (a.k.a. BOKAKOB)" <bokakob@...> wrote:The type of yeast you are talking about is a live culture without processing (freeze-dry dehydrating). It is most likely the same product as bakers yeast. Quantity-wise it is much bulkier than freeze-dried and vacuum packed yeast. I think a packet 3cm x 2cm x 2cm is very close to one packet of dry active yeast. Most likely it will work exactly or even better than the yeast from a packet.

      loulenz2002 <loulenz2002@...> wrote: Hey guys, i lve in chile, S. america, and i mainly do sour mash corn whiskey, whenever i go to the states i buy dry ale yeast, but i ran out and i used dry baker´s yeast and it turned out pretty good. But the other day i found some other yeast that i´ve never seen before it looks like modeling clay and same texture as clay, you to keep it refrigerated and it doesn´t stay for very long. Has anyone ever heard of this, and if so would it be adequate for my distilling uses?
      Thanks. Lou

      Alex_{*L*}_(a.k.a. BOKAKOB)

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