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  • Pete Sayers
    Sep 6, 2001
      Hey Kez, have you heard the one about the English Travel Writer touring the Northern Territory, who came accross an old swaggie camped up at the Billabong. The old guy asked the pom if he would like to stay the night, and share his supper. The pom jumped at this, and so the two settled down for the night, with the old guy telling stories from the outback. When the old guy offered a night cap. the pom accepted, however he was alarmed to see the old guy pouring a liquid out of a 5 gallon tin (on the back of his truck),that was marked "Methelated Spirits" and "Poison" . He suggested that perhaps they shouldnt drink this stuff as the manufacturers had added poisonous stuff to it, the old guy just laughed and said that they wouldnt do that because they would kill off half the Northern Territory.
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      If you bought metho at the shop which says its 96% ethanol and then deleted it by half and put it through the carbon. Would you end up drinkable spirit.
      TTFN, Kez

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