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30745Re: Basarana (using Anis seco)

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  • waljaco
    Jul 7, 2005
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      Their is a recipe for Pacharan/Patxaran (Basarana in Basque) in msg
      3933 which came from a Spanish source. Note that the quantity for the
      camomile flowers is 6 (1tsp) and the peel is from 1 orange.
      The base spirit is "anis seco" and the quickest way to make it is to
      add aniseed essential oil to a neutral alcohol. In "Distillation and
      Rectification of Alcohol" by William T Brannt (1885) there is a recipe
      for an Anise Liqueur using aniseed essential oil which scaled down is
      1.5 grams aniseed essential oil (approx 1/2 tsp)/litre of neutral
      40%abv. For a sweet anise liqueur, add 1 cup of sugar/litre.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Ackland" <Tony.Ackland@c...>
      > I recently had a question re Basarana. Can anyone (Wal ?) help Sacha
      > out ?
      > *****************************
      > Dear Tony
      > I thought you might like to know of a traditional Basque recipe
      > for "Basarana" (literally "wild plum"), also known as patxaran. It's a
      > liqueur made from sloes - about a third of the volume of your
      > recipient, and sometimes a handful of blackberries to add colour,
      > topped up and steeped for a couple of months in "anisado" - anise
      > liqueur. Some people add vanilla pods, oranges and even a few coffee
      > beans, but I think the sloes and blackberries are the basic
      > traditional ingredients. Most people here on the northern side of the
      > Basque country (in France) go to the other side (in Spain) to buy the
      > anisado, but I'm interested in making my own, which is how I got onto
      > your site in the first place. I'm still researching, but if you have
      > any ideas or know any recipes for anisado, I'd love to know.
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