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  • waljaco
    Jul 1, 2005
      Anisado is the Spanish version of an anise flavoured liqueur - look in
      Recipes of the Files (see left box) for arak, raki, ouzo, anisette.
      You will also find Patxaran which is similar to Sloe gin but using an
      anise flavoured spirit as the base.
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Ackland" <Tony.Ackland@c...>
      > I recently had a question re Basarana. Can anyone (Wal ?) help Sacha
      > out ?
      > *****************************
      > Dear Tony
      > I thought you might like to know of a traditional Basque recipe
      > for "Basarana" (literally "wild plum"), also known as patxaran. It's a
      > liqueur made from sloes - about a third of the volume of your
      > recipient, and sometimes a handful of blackberries to add colour,
      > topped up and steeped for a couple of months in "anisado" - anise
      > liqueur. Some people add vanilla pods, oranges and even a few coffee
      > beans, but I think the sloes and blackberries are the basic
      > traditional ingredients. Most people here on the northern side of the
      > Basque country (in France) go to the other side (in Spain) to buy the
      > anisado, but I'm interested in making my own, which is how I got onto
      > your site in the first place. I'm still researching, but if you have
      > any ideas or know any recipes for anisado, I'd love to know.
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