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30102SS wall heat conduction math

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  • Andrew Forsberg
    Jun 1, 2005
      Hi all,

      The internet has provided me with far too many conflicting rates and
      formulae for calculating whether an external water bath for a stainless
      steel boiler will or will not provide sufficient heat.

      I'd very much appreciate it if an engineer on the list would give this a
      once over:

      T1 = 105 degC (water + table salt jacket)
      T2 = 78 degC (mash)
      Heat transfer coefficient = no idea... Ignoring it for the moment.
      K = approx 14 W(m2 . K) (I have seen more figures for SS than I care to
      poke sticks at. This is the most conservative, and is for 270K, so
      anything better would be super).
      Q = Watts
      A = Area = .64m2
      D = thickness of the SS wall = approx 2 mms

      Q/A = (T1 - T2) / (D . 1/K)

      Q/A = (27) / (.002 / 14)
      = 27 . 7000
      = 189,000

      Q = 189,000 . 0.64
      = 120.96 kW

      So, what I'd like to know is -- will a 2mm stainless steel wall for an
      area of .64m2 allow heat to pass through at a rate of up 120kW for that
      temperature differential? Even approximately? As long as it's higher
      than 3 or 4kW I'm happy. Unfortunately some formulae I've found
      suggested the figure would be closer to 800W...

      Cheers and thanks,
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