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  • Des
    Aug 12, 1999
      A personal welcome to the distiller's list.
      My name is Des Zein and I live in Auckland.
      Here in New Zealand is has been legal to distill alcohol 'at home for your
      own purposes' since October 1998. In that time a lot of development has
      been undertaken in the feilds of equipment and ingredients.
      I believe that the experiences of distillers should be shared with others
      in order to improve and refine the final product. I also wish to encourage
      those setting up for the first time and setting them on the right track
      with tried and tested methods.
      In a group like this it is difficult to gauge everyones background and
      level of experience but that will become apparent as time progresses.

      Be cause of my work committments since setting up I have not been able gto
      devote the time I should to moderation duties on this list. However I
      promise to set that right from now.
      Thank you to all for subscribing to the list, please feel free to post to
      it any questions or observations you may have.
      I've started the ball rolling now we need your support to keep it rolling.