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29614Re: [Distillers] Re: FIRE (cont.)

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  • Mike Nixon
    May 3, 2005
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      slipslider2 wrote:
      Subject: [Distillers] Re: FIRE (cont.)

      I am fine ... fortunately ... and I was reluctant to "tell my story"
      especially to you and Mike and Roderick. I am humbled by the
      experience and did not expect to receive much respect from the group
      for appearing to be one of the "3 stooges".
      I have 7 years of college, FAA airframe and powerplant licenses and a
      BS in Industrial Maintenance Technology.
      I'm really not an idiot nor a nerd... yet I was still IGNORANT in my
      start up. I hope that sharing my experience with the group will help
      prevent injuries for other start-ups using distillers and new
      distillers as a reference to the hobby.
      Proud to meet a man who can admit he got it wrong ... but learned! The
      usual nonsense is from those who are patently getting things wrong, but
      consider themselves "experts" and advise others to follow them over the

      With your background, we could spend a happy evening over a few jugs while I
      told you of the time I almost ripped the wing off a C-130 Hercules by
      keeping it sideways in a small Gander hangar during a fast rising storm. It
      was there I learned that the small tugs they had would NOT keep the
      nosewheel from tromping! No greater ignorance than a young engineering
      officer who thinks he knows everything! :-))

      All the best ... and many thanks for publishing that salutory warning!
      Mike N
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