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  • waljaco
    Apr 17, 2005
      I am interested in the nature of grape pomace and how it can be reused
      by the homedistiller to make a grappa-like distillate. Traditionally
      the 5% alcohol remaining in the pomace is recovered domestically by
      adding an equal quantity of water and redistilling or commercially by
      passing steam through the pomace. To get a respectable yield, I would
      rather make a 'mock wine' by adding the components to the remaining
      pomace that were taken out in making the wine, refermenting, pressing
      and then distilling as if for a brandy.
      In some of my previous messages the thinking was a bit fuzzy, and
      there are erorrs -
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      Grapes contain on average -
      Stalks 5% (this is normally removed during crushing)
      Skin 12%
      Seeds 3%
      Pulp 80% (consists of 65% water, 15% sugars, acids, minerals, vitamins)

      So 7kg (15lbs) of grapes (destalked) contains -
      Pulp (85% - 4.5l of water, 1.5kg sugars) - 6kg
      Solid matter (15% - skin & seeds) - 1kg

      Using the usual basket press, the extracted juice from 7kg of grapes
      is only 4 litres+ out of a possible 6 litres, while the amount of
      pomace is 3kg (60/40 compared to 80/20 actual pulp/solids).
      This 4 litres of juice contains about 3.2l of water and 0.8kg of sugar.
      The 3kg of pomace contains 1kg of solid matter (skin & seeds), 2l of
      juice (containing 1.6l of water, 0.4kg sugar).

      To make a 'mock wine' we need to add back that what was removed as
      wine to the remaining pomace. i.e. add the 3.2l of water & 0.8kg of

      3kg of pomace + 3.2litres of water + 0.8kg of sugar = 7kg of 'mock wine'

      So a possible formula for making a 'mock wine' ('vino falso' in
      Italian) is -

      3kg of pomace (1.6l water, 0.4kg sugar, 1kg solid matter)
      3litres of water
      0.5kg of sucrose
      This gives a total sugar content of about 1kg/4.5 litres of water.
      Allow to ferment, press out juice, distill to about 80%abv.

      As we cannot extract all the distillable 'wine' using a basket press,
      we can alter the added water proportion to make more free running
      'wine' to minimise the loss.

      2kg pomace (contains only about 10% or 200g sugar)
      4litres of water
      1kg of sugar
      This gives a sugar content of 1.2kg/4l of water.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "waljaco" <waljaco@h...> wrote:
      > Msg 4808 contains errors, so the Modern Grappa Recipe in msg 4804 is
      > correct (see below).
      > Grape's Components:
      > Stalk 3-5%
      > Skin 6-10%
      > Pulp (water, sugars, minerals) 82-90%. The actual water content of
      > grapes is approx. 65-75%.
      > Seeds 2-4%
      > The grape pomace (vinaccia in Italian) contains about 10% sugar or 5%
      > alcohol if fermentation has occured. Traditionally equal quantity of
      > water was added and redistilled in a pot still. A modern grappa
      > recipe could be based on making a 'false wine', as sugar is
      > affordable these days, and then distilling as for brandy.
      > Modern Grappa (4 l or 1 US gallon, adjust to suit pomace quantity)
      > 2 kg grape pomace
      > 4 l water
      > 1 kg sugar
      > Allow to ferment (about a week), press out the 'false wine' and
      > distill.
      > Wal
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