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2830Fw: [Distillers] Son of a bitch

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  • Glen
    Aug 1, 2001
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      From: Ian
      To: Glen
      Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 10:28 PM
      Subject: Re: [Distillers] Son of a bitch

      With a hardy chuckle I sit here and read the woes of the humble Kiwi still and yes, another victim of the famous packing.
      I sell the EURO 5 still through my shop and although it is claimed to be a high end producer I find that 85% is a reasonable figure for it.
      As I am a person who not only wants a still to look good but also to perform good, I have performed a slight modification on the Euro 5 and now it produces 94 - 95%.
      As for the packing, I too have found some wonderful and weird things inside the column and I have started a collection of these rocks, funny black bits and other strange things and have them on display in the shop.
      Tony, I think it's time to take your advice and post the modification for all to see. I will draw up a plan and post it tomorrow night. Just remember, this simple modification, when used correctly, will give you 94 - 95% even though  it doesn't look like it will.
      Ian Pilcher
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      From: Glen
      Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 9:34 AM
      Subject: [Distillers] Son of a bitch

      No worries last night i decided to take a closer look at how my reflux tube was made. Pulled it apart to find a very concerning fact.  The tube had to bits (small) and SS scrubbers (one at either end) the bulk of it filled with tubled glass.  Now im new to this game but im thinking this glas should be reasonably clean not with colours and bits OF GRASS SEEDS and other foreign bodies that im sure added to the lovely flavour of my first batch! I removed about 1/4 of the crap in the coloum.  So my advice to anyone who may have bought their still whole like myself have a peek sometime!

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