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2828RE: [Distillers] Son of a bitch

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  • Tony & Elle Ackland
    Aug 1, 2001
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      >Gees - that's tossing away all those hard-spent R&D dollars. I'm
      >sure that our esteemed still designers spent many a restless night
      >working out exactly the right seeds to use.

      Not to slag them off too much, but these are the same people who have
      quotes in their book like ..

      (re reflux stills) ..alcohol strength increases 5% with every 25% of the
      column packed .. (so how do you get them past about 75% purity ??)

      ...a smaller packing diameter provides more refluxing ... (isn't it the
      cooling tubes/coils etc that generate the reflux??)

      ...we size the tower/condensor lengths a ratio of 2:1 ....(shouldn't these
      depend on what purity you want and how much heat is needed to be removed -
      two seperate items ??)

      ...provided the column is densely packed the resistance allows ethanol to
      pass but not water vapour ...(like an ethanol seive ?? Pack it dense and
      nothing will get past. Increased purity is by providing a greater height
      of packing to allow multiple distillations/equilbriums to form!)

      I'm sorry, but even though they sell many hundreds (if not thousands?) of
      stills, there is a fundamental lack of understanding (by these experts) of
      how distillation works, and how to improve the purity of the spirit. I'm
      saddened to hear that their construction is also substandard. Looks like
      if you want it done right, you need to build it yourself.


      (let the flames begin .....but in doing so, I'll be the the first to
      declare that my own website is far from perfect or correct in all it says,
      but I'll listen to any suggestions and do my best to improve and correct
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