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26492Re: Trial Run on Reflx Column

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  • Harry
    Jan 1, 2005
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, suitcase1499@a... wrote:
      > My pump is a standard sump pump it recirculates the water at 25GPM
      or 1250
      > GPH this should do Huh???

      >>>>>> Definitely.

      I'm thinking of going to a 3" or maybe 4" column, As
      > all my friends are drunks as well (LOL) How much output could I
      expect from
      > that???

      >>>>>>> Heh, do the math. ;-)

      Thanks Harry. This shit is new to me I've always been potstill man
      > never had a thermometer in one I don't think till I was about 16
      or 18 years
      > old.I'm from the mountains of North Carolina all we knew was corn
      liquor and now
      > I'm trying to learn some new stuff to pass on to my grand kids.

      >>>>>>>>> If you want to leave a legacy, lose the liebig section and
      go to a proper reflux outfit with condenser to match. There's loads
      about coils, offset and crossflow heads in the archives and on
      Tony's site http://homedistiller.org
      Trust me, the grandkids will appreciate it.

      I really
      > appreciate all you do to help, The internet is a graet thing since
      I've finally
      > learned how to use it. Many thanks Harry.

      >>>>>>>>>>>> You're welcome. Just a word about that 3 or 4"
      column. Now you're getting into the realms of shall we say "above
      average" home distilling. ;-)
      You'll need to have a much larger surface area in the boiling wash
      for the larger volume of vapor to escape. A simple solution to that
      is to take said keg, turn it on it's SIDE, cut a hole in the side to
      match your salad bowl and big column, then put 2 or 3 burners or
      modified gaspipes under the thing. Of course you'll need to plate
      off the existing hole you've got. With a rig like that you could
      get a couple GALLONS per hour, but it's no longer a hobby thing, is
      it? :^)

      regards Harry
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