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26490Re: [Distillers] Impending Disaster

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  • Derek Hamlet
    Jan 1, 2005
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      RELAX and I do mean relax.
      For starters, you sprinkled the yeast onto the must. I'm not surprised
      that you don't see any action after 24 hours. For a fast start, you might
      have considered making a starter which consists of:
      1. rehydrate the yeast in water at a suitable tempt. 40C.
      2. Add a little of your must at 30 degrees C. You will see action.
      Keep adding must every half hour or so, until you get a bubbling frothy
      mass happening. Keep this up for a couple of days until you get about two
      litres of frothing starter happening. Add this to your must. It will
      really take off. Assumptions about cleanliness etc. are assumed.
      For Chrissakes, don't do anything like add turbo or beer yeast or anything
      else. Keep it covered until you can get to your local wine shop.
      What is a general purpose wine yeast. There is no such thing. Oh a wine
      kit company might call their little sachet general purpose wine
      yeast. What that really means is that it is probably Lalvin EC1118 which
      is a very forgiving yeast that has a high alcohol tolerance. It doesn't do
      everything well but it's pretty damn forgiving.
      Every yeast does different things. Some are great for pulling out the
      fruity aspects of the grapes etc.
      BTW muscat grapes are a challenge at the best of times. They were very
      popular here in North America in the first 75 years of the last century
      because they adapted well to the climate. However, they produced fairly
      crappy wine called Muscatel that my granny would have served at Christmas.
      These days N. America produces some of the very best wines in the world.
      We all know about California. They produce great wines in the Napa.
      Here in British Columbia we produce world quality reds and whites in the
      Okanogan valley. We still struggle with grapes like Zinfandel that require
      incredibly high heats to produce qualithy grapes but, we're working on it.
      My guess is that Washington State's wines will be coming on like
      gangbusters in the next 10-20 years. They have a valley just like our
      Canadian Okanogan that is virtually untouched.
      Anyway, leave that must alone. It will be allright.
      What do you mean you pressed the grapes, did you mean crushed the grapes?
      At 06:14 PM 01/01/2005, you wrote:

      >Hi guys,
      >Are there any winemakers out there. I'm making my first batch of
      >wine and I,ve got a problem. I would be grateful for any help or
      >I purchased 50 kg of muscat grapes, pressed them & placed them into a
      >40litre fermenter. The S.G. was 1.07 and I added 1.5kg of white
      >sugar. The temperature of the must was 26C.
      >I added 2 flat teaspoons of sodium metta mixed with 1liter of water &
      >stirred this in. Left it to stand overnight.
      >I then sprinkled 2 sachets of general purpose wine yeast on to the
      >top & stirred it in (I now know that this is NOT how to do it).
      >It's now 24 hours after adding the yeast & there's no sign of
      >fermentation starting.
      >I do not have any more wine yeast & it's the middle of the new years
      >holliday. There are no brew shops open until Tuesday.
      >My questions :
      >Should I :
      >1) Wait until Tuesday to get some more wine yeast. Will the must
      >keep until then - I can't refrigerate it.
      >2) Add a packet od Alcotes Turbo 48 yeast . If I do this, will I
      >still end up with a drinkable wine?
      >3) Add 2 packets of larger(beer) yeast. Will this result in off
      >4) Just hit it with the Turbo 48 & settle for making a brandy wash?
      >Any help would be appreciated.
      >Greg (AuldFardt) Queensland, Australia
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      Derek Hamlet
      Victoria, B.C.
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