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26479Re: Trial Run on Reflx Column

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  • Harry
    Jan 1, 2005
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, suitcase1499@a... wrote:
      > This was 50 liter turbo sugar wash and planning just a once
      through job. I do
      > some test on when to take the heart on some mostly by smell and
      taste. I f I
      > run it hotter I will lose alot of %ABV right ??? Thanks
      > Suitcase

      Ok. There's a couple of things you need to get your head around.

      1) The volume of a column is Pi x R^2 x Ht.
      For a 1.5" column that's 46 cu.in.
      For a 2" column that's 81 cu.in.
      There's a considerable difference for a slight increase, no?

      2) For any given power input, if you halve the column volume, as in
      the above, then the vapor speed up the column will double. This of
      course means less purity of product. It also means that product
      takeoff through a column & liebig (or any setup) is limited by the
      harmonic balancing of power input and column capacity Just throwing
      monster condensers at the problem doesn't cut it. Slow vapor speed
      is crucial to a clean product, be it whiskey or vodka or whatever.

      Regarding tests:
      The accepted throw-away for 25L beer is 50ml. It then follows that
      for 50L it would be at least 100ml, no? But smell is always a
      deciding factor. Heads is a different matter. It can be as much as
      30% of the run, or as little as 10%. The only way to determine it
      is to take small samples (20ml) and dilute them with 2 volumes of
      distilled water (40ml). If it's cloudy, it's still heads. If it's
      clear, it's hearts. That's how the Scottish Malt distillers test in
      the spirit safe (they use larger samples, obviously). The trick is
      being able to take just a LITTLE of the last of the heads to give a
      distinct note to your whisky. One way is to collect the heads in
      small containers, say 200 ~ 300ml, and then take the LAST one to add
      to the genuine hearts.

      If you can understand all of the above ramblings, we'll make a
      stillman outta you yet. :-))

      regards Harry
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