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2623permanganate time [barbet test ]

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  • Brian Poke
    Jul 1, 2001
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      most interesting bit of research-----very historical test-----most i spoke to had heard of it but too inaccurate for commercial use-----
      permanganate=a salt of an acid containing manganese
      potassium permanganate used as an antiseptic [historical too i should reckon ]=a dark purple crystalline compound used as an oxydising agent and disinfectant
      form. KMnO4
      times as recorded by barbet himself pure ethanol 43 mins.30 secs
                                                           foreshots 5 mins. 5 secs.
                                                           feints  2 mins. 12 secs.
      test solution ratio @ 15 c  --4% [dose rate ]
      the reaction appears to be clear when applied then a slowly changing discolouration in density and time relative to congeners
      when operator happy with visual manifestation the co;lour can be fixed by a solution of fuchine and chromate of potash
      the time taken is an indication of the de oxidising power of the sample
      noted as a crude test only ,,it certainly wasn't in use in the late 50's/early 60's when i started out
      barbet, which in french means,,among other things,,a small long haired furry dog,,, was very very active in chemical and general distillation engineering in fact the barbet trap still found in some old column stills was no doubt named after him
      many regards  brian