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25388Re: Bakers yeast etc

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  • ajdonnison
    Dec 1, 2004
      In my research on bakers yeast (I run fermentation, beer and wine
      courses), I've found that it works alright up to around 12% abv, and
      other than the different taste, the only problem is that it doesn't
      flocculate (collect together) and tends to remain in suspension
      causing cloudiness. Not a problem for distillers, but beer and wine
      makers only use it as a last resort.

      The tastes provided by the yeast will also depend upon the
      fermentation speed and the time left on the lees. But then again
      taste is a very personal thing and I wouldn't want to suggest to
      someone what they should or shouldn't use based on taste.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, suitcase1499@a... wrote:
      > I sometimes use turbo yeast but mostly use bakers yeast and i am
      right the
      > oppisite, i find the taste is better using bakers yeast maybe it's
      because of
      > the lower abv wash I really don't know. I guess everyone has
      different taste if
      > not we'd all be drinking one kind of liquor and or beer. (I like Bud
      > Lol)
      > Suitcase
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