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2525RE: [Distillers] Control valve for Nixon-Stone ?

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  • Bennett, Mark E
    Jun 10, 2001
      I have been looking at using a couple of computer electronic kits to
      do something along these line. The fist kit has analogue to digital inputs
      and outputs plus digital outputs. The second kit will control stepper
      motors. What my thoughts have been is to use the IO kit to monitor
      temperatures and flow rates and to use the steper motor kit to adjust the
      needle valves and gas flow(heat), I am also considering going to electric as
      this is some what easier to control remotely. My other objective is to use
      the IO kit to drive a web page so that the system can be monitored and
      controlled remotely and send SMS messaging so that I can get to the kids
      sport and stay in touch with what's happening. I have put the first kit
      together and have started work on building the interfaces and software.
      Stage one of the project is for the remote monitoring and logging.
      Hopefully the data that I collect from this will prove that the concept will
      work. I expect that the monitoring hardware will be under $100 dollars plus
      an old PC. At present I expect that this is going to take me a few months
      to get going so don't hold your breath.


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      Subject: [Distillers] Control valve for Nixon-Stone ?

      OK - who out there knows a little about a control valve suitable for
      controlling a Nixon-Stone still head ?

      Eg something CHEAP and EASY that uses a thermocouple in the vapour to
      measure its temperature, then open or closes the distillate outlet valve to
      adjust the amount of reflux happening in response.

      It would replace the needle valve seen in

      Sorta like whats described at
      http://www.rvmobile.com/tech/trouble/solenoid1.htm , but better suited to
      our set-up. It would need to be accurate/sensitive enough to change the
      valve position, for temperature differences of say around 0.1-0.2 degrees,
      and the valve only needs to be able to do say 0-100 mL/min flow. The
      adjustments that the valve would need to be capable of would be in the
      order of say 5 mL/min steps.

      What else would be required to turn off the power to the still
      (permenantly) once the outlet temperature gets above a particular
      temperatures (eg 94C) ?


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