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25157Re: [Distillers] Chinese Rice Wines

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  • Andrew Forsberg
    Nov 23, 2004
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      Yea, that threw me to start with as well! I only found it by accident
      when looking for something completely different, and on the way to the
      butchery counter for some dog bones... :S

      If you're lucky the shelves will have prices and short English
      descriptions of the products on offer. In this case I think it said
      'Wine cake', possibly 'Rice wine cake' or 'Chinese wine cake'..

      I'm uploading two pics here:
      Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

      Unfortunately my cruddy digital camera can't really take decent pics of
      type. If these aren't any good let me know and I'll open a pack up and
      scan it for you instead.


      Brendan Keith wrote:

      >This is in the dried goods section? I was looking in the refrigerator case,
      >with the fresh miso and noodles.
      >Thanks, I'll look again.
      >P.S. You don't happen to have a closeup photo that I can print and show to
      >the stock clerks? The language barrier is rather imposing.
      >Brendan Keith
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