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25130Re: [Distillers] Chinese Rice Wines

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  • Andrew Forsberg
    Nov 22, 2004
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      Hi Brendan

      Try looking for small packets that look like this:


      You should be able to buy them in packets of two for a few cents, or in
      bags of 600gms for the Canadian equivalent of $12 (NZD) or so. In the
      background of this photo is one of those big bags.

      Most likely place to find them will be around Chinese baking goods like
      gelatine, baking soda, rice flour, gypsum.


      Brendan Keith wrote:

      >Working in a very large "Chinatown" (Markham, Ontario) I thought it would be
      >a simple matter to find koji or jiu qu, but of the several Asian
      >supermarkets that I've visited, I have come out stumped.
      >The closest I've found is various flavours of miso (Ingredients: soy beans,
      >rice, salt), the most promising of which also included "sake lees".
      >Another possible contender is "Fermented Bean Sauce" which is a thin sauce,
      >quite cloudy with solids, so I suspect might have something viable.
      >Does it sound like either of these may harbour some of the appropriate
      >yeast? Or has anyone found the right stuff in the Toronto/Markham area?
      >Brendan Keith
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