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251Mash Dilution Ration

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  • joneskds@earthlink.net
    Feb 1, 2000
      Sorry I was just being general, The ratio I use on most beers is one U.S. BBL
      (31 Gallons) for every 100 lbs of malt. A 1200 lb mash bill will require 372
      gallons H20. I am trying to optimise alpha and beta amylase while still
      retaining some dextrins for mouthfeel and head retention. The target strike is
      152'F. As the milled grain is dropped into the grist hydrator, tempered H20 (169'F)
      is forced through the grain stream hydrating the grain. I preheat the mash tun
      with boiling H20 prior to mash in. In some cases I do use a mash that is very thick
      like in scotch ale production. A full mash tank 1750 lbs is mixed with only 580
      gallons H20 for a very thick mash. This mash rests and converts in 60 min and
      is then sparged only with 300 gallons at which point you get first runnings
      of 22' Balling or something like 1099 specific gravity. This makes strong Scotch Ale.
      You then sparge again,the same mash recovering wort of 12-13'Balling (1044sg)
      for making export Scottish Ale. You can then take it one step further and make
      Table beer by sparging again, although very light I usually skip this.