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2493more on dickel and daniels

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  • longleaf123@yahoo.com
    May 31 7:23 PM
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      I just went to the georgedickel web site and it has changed in the
      last year or so. I also read an article in the Tennesean newspaper
      that GD now longer receives visitor and has closed the visitor center
      and gift shop. GD is only about 1% of the size of JD and the 1/2M
      cost per year was not use given the number of visitors and marketing

      The site sez that the first go through a continuous column, then they
      batch it up and go through a tradition pot still. I have seen
      several pictures of the post still and it looks much like the stills
      used in Scotland and Ireland. So the answer for dickel is they use
      both type stills.