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24421Re: [Distillers] Easy 'shine recipe I am having great success with...

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  • Rana Pipiens
    Nov 1, 2004
      F Pinto, thanks for the recipe. Which lager yeasts have you used. What %abv do you expect from your mash before processing? Rana

      flaming_pinto <flaming_pinto@...> wrote:
      I just wanted to let you guys know about a recipe for 'shine that is
      working very well for me. This recipe makes the smoothest 'shine I
      have been lucky enough to run through my still.

      2 1LBS packages of corn meal (I know, it is a mess to work with)
      5 LBS table sugar
      1.5 LBS 6-row barley - well cracked
      your favorite lager yeast

      Bring 4 gallons water to a boil, remove from heat and add in the corn
      meal, stirring to prevent lumps.
      Let sit for until cooled to 160F. The corn meal will thicken to a
      very thick porrige.
      At 160F, stir in barley. The starch from the corn meal will convert
      almost instantly and the wort will thin to a soupy mix.
      Let sit for 30 minutes at least, stirring occationally.
      Bring 1 gallon of water to a boil.
      Stir sugar into boiling water.
      Pour barley/corn meal mixture into fermentor.
      Add sugar-water to fermentor.
      When the temp has dropped to correct temperature, still in your yeast.
      Let sit two weeks (or until bubbling stops)

      Strain wort into your pot. I use a wire-mesh strainer. The corn
      meal is so thick and guey at this point it will catch in the strainer
      and the wort will slowly drain out. Rinse corn meal/grains well with
      hot water to get all the wort.

      most people don't like dealing with corn meal but it will give your
      brew the authentic flavor of corn without going threw the trouble of
      boiling for two-three hours and then mashing for another hour. Just
      make sure to use an appropriate strainer before distilling.


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