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  • Héctor A. Landaeta C.
    Oct 7, 2004
      On 6/10/04 1:18 AM, "T-Bone" <enob_t@...> wrote:

      > As for grape vodka I have never
      > tried it but if you have a recipe for it Héctor I try anything
      > once.

      Hola Maxime and T-Bone!
      I was exaggerating. I haven¹t read how they do it in Italy but an Italian
      friend of mine tells me that it¹s their colloquial term for firewater (any
      clear distilled spirit is automatically called grappa), but I have run like
      3 or 4 grappa batches and I always do them at the optimax of my still at big
      congeneric -full aromatic- mode: very high heat, no packing and low chilling
      water flow in the firebox condenser to obtain a warm, flavor and smell laden
      distillate that usually doesn¹t get much higher than 62% ABV. I¹ve found
      there¹s nothing Italian that isn¹t highly idiosyncratic. They used to be a
      well defined, segregated, culturally independent group of nations sharing
      the same peninsula till Garibaldi made it¹s move and forced them to live
      under one banner. I gather they rebel of that imposition by making a big
      fuss about doing the same thing MUCH differently from the neighboring
      region. Thus, perhaps, T-Bone¹s notion that grappa (universal Italian
      liquor staple) must be triple distilled. I wouldn¹t know (not much sure I
      WANT to know ­all of you now the media caricature of Italian character. I
      have a lot of Italian friends and love them all, but believe me, live and it
      person It¹s much worse!), which regional taste follows that custom, what I
      know is that once you try that first, pot still distilled spirit you
      wouldn¹t want to lose any of that flavor on further runs.
      Héctor Landaeta
      Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.

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