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23792Re: [Distillers] Grappa

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  • Héctor A. Landaeta C.
    Oct 5, 2004
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      On 5/10/04 10:28 PM, "Scott Petrinec" <crazycro2@...> wrote:

      > I'm still not sure which one of
      > my still is best to use for distilling my grappa. 2
      > distillations in my pot still will get 75% alc.
      > maximum. Is this enough? To what % good quality grappa
      > is distilled? I red somewhere it was often distilled 3
      > times. (they were talking about 84%alc. (from the same
      > source)) If this is so, I'll use my reflux column,
      > leave the packing but I won't equilibrate the column .

      Hola Scott!
      When did Maxime post this message?
      Max! Come on! Why waste the good stuff on a reflux column? You want the
      crisp taste, the sweet smell of grapes and fresh wine to percolate into your
      spirit! Why, what do you want? Grape vodka? Come on!
      Héctor Landaeta
      Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.
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