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23789Re: [Distillers] Grappa

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  • Maxime Belair
    Oct 5, 2004
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      Hello Hector,

      I'm still not sure which one of
      my still is best to use for distilling my grappa. 2
      distillations in my pot still will get 75% alc.
      maximum. Is this enough? To what % good quality grappa
      is distilled? I red somewhere it was often distilled 3
      times. (they were talking about 84%alc. (from the same
      source)) If this is so, I'll use my reflux column,
      leave the packing but I won't equilibrate the column .

      The wine is now fermenting, I should get the pomace on


      Maxime Belair

      If you don¹t have a pot
      still, take out the packing of your still, don¹t
      reflux, and run at high
      power trying to take out the condensate as warm as
      possible (to reduce
      condenser induced reflux, and that of course, if you
      have a closed type
      condenser on top of your column).

      Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?
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