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23744Re: [Distillers] Re: Lecithin emulsifier

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  • Spencer Ostrom
    Oct 2, 2004
      "H�ctor A. Landaeta C." <coloniera@...> wrote:
      > Lecithin functions in the same way as soap. It is a molecule with a
      > water loving end and a fat loving end, so the fat loving ends will
      >I think it was a mix of every reply to my original message, Mike M�s,
      Harry�s, Walter�s and all the others than got me on the right track to beat
      this one.

      It is for posts like this that I delight in reading this discussion group.

      I was disappointed to read of the acrimony generated by the inclusion of a copyright symbol on an originally produced drawing.

      Everybody relax, if the intellectual property discussed here is of such commercial value that there are fights over ownership of of ideas then I want part of the action if it is worth so much money. If it is worth so much and is to be kept confidential then keep it out of the public domain.

      I believe the originator of the drawing is entitled to include an indication of copyright not necessarily of the ideas illustrated but of the drawing itself.

      I have learned so much just reading from this group it's not funny. Let's all try to get along and share our knowledge and expertise. I have no doubt we will all be richer for cooperating and sharing.

      Best regards,


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