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23741Re: [Distillers] Re: Lecithin emulsifier

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  • Héctor A. Landaeta C.
    Oct 2, 2004
      On 1/10/04 8:38 AM, "mwmccaw" <mwmccaw@...> wrote:

      > Lecithin functions in the same way as soap. It is a molecule with a
      > water loving end and a fat loving end, so the fat loving ends will
      > stick into globules of fat, exposing their water-loving ends,
      > stabilizing the globule and making it compatible with water.
      > Using it or any other emulsion stabilizer, you will still get the
      > best results if you can get the fat particles as small as possible -
      > ie the blender, handblender, or homogenizer.

      Guys I¹m deeply moved by your preoccupation about this problem of mine.
      Thanks, sincerely.
      I think it was a mix of every reply to my original message, Mike M¹s,
      Harry¹s, Walter¹s and all the others than got me on the right track to beat
      this one.
      Looks like 3 ml per liter (0.3 % V/V) of Soy Lecithin is a winner Walter.
      The sodium caseinate is proving very hard to find and it seems it won¹t be
      necessary to get to that complexity. Thorough mixing (homogenizing) is
      definitively the key Mike. And there should be a sequential order to the
      ingredient mixing Harry.
      I¹ll post the results tomorrow with both recipes (white and dark with milk).
      Thanks again.
      Héctor Landaeta
      Colonia Tovar - Venezuela.

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