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  • Des
    Oct 2, 1999
      When it comes to extracting oils etc from botanicals it seems that the
      quantity extracted has no resemblence to the amount of raw material. I
      appreciate the want (and sometimes need) to have natural products as being
      one reason, also the other being the need to indulge in the distilling
      'hobby' to its next step.
      I understand that the best type of still for this purpose is a pot still,
      would appreciate other advise on this though. I suspect that a reflux
      still may be too efficient (?) for this task.

      With flavouring essences it is necessary to add artificial ingredients to
      improve the intensity of the flavour.

      Also, how does the flavour of Bombay Sapphire differ from say London Dry?
      It is something I have considered working on for a while now.


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