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  • abbababbaccc
    Aug 1, 2004
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "random9988" <mugg@h...> wrote:
      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "abbababbaccc"
      > <abbababbaccc@y...> wrote:
      > > The second column is actually pretty straightforward, but I'd
      > > to know a bit more about the operation. First of all how much
      > heads
      > > do you get from one run?
      > I try to keep it at 10:1 at least, so 10 drops of product and one
      > drop of head. I'm not sure how concentrated you can have without
      > getting some in the product. Have to check that further. The longer
      > the stripper is the higher the concentration can be, the more power
      > you give column 2 the higher the concentration of heads can be. It
      > seems to do okay even at 30:1 but I need to make more runs to be
      > sure of that. I don't use a valve at the top, I use a pipe with
      > passive air cooling, check the pictures, so it a little bit
      > difficult to adjust.

      I think the concentration of head components in a mash is around 1%
      of total alcohol. I couldn't find exact figures but 1% seems to be
      close assumption. I have been able to concentrate heads into 100ml
      from 4 liters of total, so 30:1 will propably work quite well.

      > >Do you need to remove them at all or could
      > > you just let them buzz at the top of the column?
      > That's what you do in a way but I suppose you mean without removing
      > any, I think you need to remove some continuously or have a buffer
      > at the top to make that work. An interesting approach would be to
      > have a small bottle at the top the act as a buffer. All reflux from
      > c2 enter the bottle first and overflow from that returns to the
      > still. When the run is over, empty the bottle. Or make a head that
      > keeps a lot of reflux at the top and empty it at the end of the run.

      You don't need a bottle, just make the LM collector large enough. I
      think 1 dl should be plenty. Just empty it after the run is finished.

      > >Isn't there a
      > > danger of overfilling column 2 if you withdraw the product slower
      > > than you feed the second column (I guess this is one reason why
      > you
      > > need the buffer)?
      > Check the pictures again, you can't overfill c2 because some of the
      > reflux is fed to the boiler, the remaining comes out as product. If
      > you feed it faster, the same amount of reflux will go to the boiler
      > as before, and you get more product. The valve act like a power
      > controller. taking a certain amount of reflux and feed that to the
      > reboiler, overflow is product.

      So you direct some flow back to the boiler, not the lower part (can
      be thought as a boiler) of the second column? A small hole at the
      lower part of column 2 could propably be used as overflow protection.
      What am aiming towards is to equlibrate the column 2 at the start to
      really concentrate all the heads. May not be necessary though.

      > >You mentioned that the second column couldn't cope
      > > with high concentration of heads without the buffer, what exactly
      > > happened? Did you get heads out from the product pipe? Did you
      > > to equilibrate the second column?
      > I made sure that there where alcohol in c2 to begin with so it
      > warm and ready for feed. When I fed it with product from c1 the
      > product from c2 still contained some heads. I can't turn off
      > in c2 completely and let it equilibrate for some time, If I would
      > that c2 will get more and more alcohol and the power will rise more
      > and more. But if you use a buffer at the top of c2.. then you have
      > different situation.. now you got me thinking.

      Yup, you could eliminate the buffer bottle and make the system really
      nice and compact. Large LM reservoir at the top of C2.

      > About the ARC head, as I said there are no tails, but apparently
      > can't feed the boiler with just about anything. I tried to distil
      > some molasses mash to vodka, and it was okay until the end, then I
      > got rum taste anyway. So keep to good mash for vodka. Good length
      > and packing is essential. As you have probably seen some some
      > Swedish fellows and I are trying to develop the idea a bit further.
      > Maybe it's possible to achieve simple operation with one column
      > only, we'll see

      Yeah, I'll have to think this further as well. The rum taste is
      propably caused by some leftover sugar in the mash getting burned by
      the heating element.

      > > I guess I'll just have to build one sooner or later, I just want
      > to
      > > understand this more thoroughly before I start tearing down my
      > > current rigs for spare parts :)
      > Yep it would be interesting to get data from more people. You
      > seems to make some interesting changes to the setup so I'm looking
      > forward to hear about the future designs. Don't forget that you can
      > use only one condenser insted if you feed the vapour from c2 back
      > to c1. Not sure but that could be an better design even though it
      > increases height some.

      Thanks for your kind words. I was thinking along the lines of ~500-
      1000W, 2 * 40mm columns, elimination of buffer bottle, condenser made
      of convector pipes and so on. I'll try to post a sketch when I got it
      figured out.

      > Using a stripper to remove heads is not my invention, it's
      > done in the industry for many years but I guess I'm probably one of
      > the first to build a home version.

      IIRC the idea was discussed ~two years ago, but you sure get the
      credit for pioneering this approach for homedistillers.

      Greetz, Riku
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