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21925Re: [Distillers] More thoughts on small still legalization

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  • Scott Petrinec
    Jul 17 7:33 AM
      Just for your own personal knowlege, The BATF no longer controls taxation and saftey of alcohol and tobacco. In fact, I'm not sure the BATF even exists anymore. The "Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau" also known as the "TTB" is the department that is in charge of these issues now. Here is a web page that you can explore to find out information on the federal laws about distilling alcohol... http://ttb.gov/alcohol/index.htm .
      Another site that has links to some interesting information about some states laws and permits for distilling alcohol is... http://www.coppermoonshinestills.com/ .
      I am sure that plenty of you will read this information, and I am glad to share it with all of you.
      I would love to be a part in trying to change these laws, BUT....unfortunately, if we stood together as a group trying to change these laws, the government would probably pick us off one by one (wether it is our hobby our not).(My personal hobby includes providing fuel and spirits.) Althought I would love to know about it, if and when anyone here gets any new information concerning these laws.

      Peggy <rpk@...> wrote:
      Hello GWN and other people who want to change bureaucracy,

      There are many obstacles to transit in our mutual interest for changing
      laws. Because the BATF is interested in taxation and safety, there are
      those of us who want to make our own fuel ethanol and really wish to
      cooperate with existing protocol. Production laws could be changed in a
      manner that benefits the economy, ecology, and self-sufficiency for
      individuals--especially farmers who can dedicate a portion of their
      crops back into bioenergy for the good of the whole. After all, they
      produce our FOOD when we do not have the time or space to address this
      basic need. Therefore, if we can enlist the help of seasoned
      bureaucrats to advise us on loopholes and individual states that are
      supportive of righteous activity for bettering the air, water, and clean
      fuel needs of our country, we might have a force multiplier for
      appropriate steps to take to make the change. If you want to get
      political, join a cause that can benefit the entire world, not just a
      hobby for indulging one's personal taste. It is not likely that a
      hobbyist is in danger of great retribution if no distribution is

      Going through the steps of legalizing any effort can be easier if "a
      carrot" for change goes along with the process. Of course, that carrot
      would involve licensing, registration, or some other form of taxation.
      That's how the people with the power keep their jobs and these people do
      provide a service in standardizing quality and monitoring safety.
      Keeping the process from small producers is un-American.

      For me, the real issue is safety. Building in monitoring safeguards for
      small production units could be essential to acceptance. I save copies
      of forum entries that relate to safety and other points-of-interest in
      distilling that can forward small ethanol production efforts. If anyone
      wants to contribute individually, please feel free to contact our
      non-profit group. We welcome whatever help we can get to augment
      national independence from petroleum constraints. We need to add a few
      zeros behind the number of 1500 to make a national impact of 150,000 or
      more. Fuel ethanol could be a motivator.

      My talk for self-sufficiency and biodiversity was well received at the
      International Fuel Ethanol Workshop last month. A large number of
      government people attended and were made aware of the underground
      currents--legal or not. I'll post a notice when we get our web site up
      and running. Our current research efforts include cattails, elephant
      ears, and cactus.

      Just thought some of you might like an update on distilling without
      drinking. Best wishes,


      Peggy G Korth, President
      Water Assurance Technology Energy Resources
      (830) 885-7409 Voice
      (830) 885-7416 Fax
      (210) 288-0999 Cell
      rpk@... Email

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      Subject: [Distillers] Re: New Still

      Greeting Harry,

      As much as I enjoy reading the letters that show up here, I do find
      it prudent to be a lurker most of the time.

      I just can't seem to forget that what we are doing here is a
      violation of federal law!

      With MAJOR bucks and jail time if caught!!

      As you state, there are over 1500 of us. Which just shows how stupid
      the laws are. Or rather, who gets the most money for keeping things
      as they are...

      Until we can all get together at the voting booth and remove the
      elected officals who are getting iin the way. I will continue to be
      a mouse in the corner. Cause you see that fly on the wall over
      there?? He is with the FTA...


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