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21899Re: New Still

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  • Grayson Stewart
    Jul 16, 2004
      The large stock pot is such an ummmm, unorthodoxed design from what
      I'm used to seeing on here that I feel as though i must be missing
      out on the benefit of using the poat rather than something smaller.

      3/8" diameter copper pipe will hold almost 2.5 lbs. of water which
      isn't alot, but it does seem like it would be difficult to equally
      distribute 50 ft of coiled copper pipe exactly...and thereby equally
      distributing the weight of the cooling water.

      Cutting slits in the tubes as mentioned sounds like a reasonable
      idea....adding the hefty weight of marbles to a top heavy design

      Looks as though ball valves were chosen for both the reflux and
      distillate take off lines. Do others get as much control from these
      as a needle valve? Seems it would be really hard to refine the take
      off to a certain number of drops per second.
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