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  • Harry
    Jul 15, 2004
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "justin_dittmann"
      <justin_dittmann@y...> wrote:
      > Answer also posted in New Distillers. Alright, I'll have a go.
      > good fun to have a discussion on designs and stuff so I'm sorry no
      > one's taken the bait. This is my first foray into discussing still
      > designs so here it goes, I have a few design questions to ask:

      Congratulations, Justin. Those are all practical observations! :-)
      I knew someone would eventually have some input. It's amazing how
      everyone sits on their hands and waits for the few who are willing
      to share info. Run in that fashion, this forum is no longer a like-
      minded community, but rather a leach site.

      So come on people! Justin's started the ball rolling, how's about
      the 1500+ members here doing a tad more than just reading, or
      sulking about perceived slights. We've lost too many members whose
      knowledge is irreplaceable, all because of complacency and ego.
      HAVE A GO!

      regards Harry
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