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21198Re: New Still

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  • maxime_belair
    Jun 8, 2004

      From what I red on homedistiller.org, I would expect 92%-93%, but my still has a
      fully 1.20m packed column (stainles steel scrubbers) and the max I got is 94%. I
      guess it depends on how you run your still. I think you can distillate faster and keep
      a certain purity if your column is long. Personally, I am more than happy with this
      94%. It's at 1.5% difference from the purest you can get. 1.5% ? Who can see the

      If you make good cuts, you will get good alcohol. Even if you don't have packing, you
      could distill it 2-3 times to get around 80-90%. But I have no experience with
      alcohol distilled alcohol to 80-90% so I can't tell you if it is good... I guess it would

      For the gasket beetween the lid and the flange, buy a little tube of 100% clear silicone
      and make a joint. It should be dry in 24hr and it resist up to 205 degrees celcius if my
      memory is good. Make sure your screws are very tight.

      Good Luck,

      Maxime Belair

      > What can I expect from this rig? What would you suggest for a
      > gasket between the flange and the lid (notice that the flange is
      > mounted over the embossed letters on the lid.
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