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  • was2132
    Jun 8, 2004
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      I'd love to get some input as to exactly what I've acquired here.
      Pictures are posted in the photo section at Austin's Still. The
      head of the still consists of a 22"x2" column (20" above the
      flange), with a rudimentary reflux condensor that consists of a 1/2"
      tube running parallel to the top of the boiler, through the column,
      at 6" above the boiler top, running upwards (outside the column) 4",
      and then returning through the column. 8-1/2" above that tube is
      the product take-off tube(also 1/2" copper)which is set
      perpendicular to the column. That tube runs down, parallel to the
      column, through a 12"x1" water jacket. The top of the column is
      closed with a slip fit 2" cap drilled and grommeted for a
      thermometer. All of this is bolted to the lid of a milk keg. The
      column construction is all soldered copper. The whole rig appears
      to be very sturdy and well-built.

      It is certainly feasible to put copper scrubbers between the top
      tube of the reflux condensor and below the take off tube, if there
      is any purpose to that. There is no product cup, dish, etc., inside
      the column.

      What can I expect from this rig? What would you suggest for a
      gasket between the flange and the lid (notice that the flange is
      mounted over the embossed letters on the lid.
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